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Okay.. I’m gonna be brutally honest.

I’m trying to figure out a way to score like 50 more of these. OMg.

I can’t even begin to describe HOW impressed I am on these. I’ve had a lot of different brands of MRE type meals. So far, I haven’t had any complaints, they’ve all been pretty good.

Honestly, these blow everything I’ve tried thus far out of the water.

Different from your standard military type MRE, it’s not a full meal pack (like with a cookie and an entree and then maybe a drink mix or something) it’s a meal in a bag. So far I’ve tried the Italian Beefsteak, the Chicken Fried Rice and the Biscuit and Gravy. It’s honestly like eating the homemade versions of each.

Everything is ready and perfectly seasoned in the pouch, you just add boiling water. (I improvised and ran a clear cycle on my work coffee pot, which worked perfectly) Seal it up (it has a resealable thing like a zipper bag) and wait a few minutes.

Open it up when done and ENJOY! I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I ate the entire 2 serving pouches all by myself. So if you have a hearty appetite, consider these pouches serving size. All other “normal” portion size eaters, 1 pouch should serve 2 adults just fine.

The flavors I had are JUST the beginning!

The site also offers the following flavors:


Breakfast Skillet

Granola w/milk & blueberries

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs with bacon

Scrambled eggs with peppers

Biscuits & Gravy


Beef Stew

Beef Stroganoff

Chicken A La King

Chicken & White bean Chili

Chicken & mashed potatoes

and many more…


and even


But wait… there’s more!  Mountain House offers canned food as well as Family sized pouches and buckets or kits! And if you want a special diet type of foods, they also offer Vegetarian, Low Sodium & Gluten Free options!


Why am I a prepper? Because I’m a mother & my motto has always been “ya never know.” Simple as that. Water, shelter & food are the first and foremost necessities in any survival scenario – from a two week power outage to a full blown SHTF disaster. With so many mouths to feed, I’ve been a food prepper long before we ditched the suburbs & started our small family homestead.

Even with dairy goats, chickens, meat rabbits for protein, gardens and few fruit trees that allow us to can our food – there is always an expiration date. There could be severe drought, early freeze, or too much rain & your crop can be ruined. Livestock can get ill & die just like that. Store bought canned foods offer less nutrition & more junk preservatives than fresh produce, & all have an even shorter expiration dates than freeze dried. I’ve always kept some freeze dried fruits, berries & veggies on hand because they carry up to a 25 yr shelf life & are healthier than frozen or canned alternatives.





Unmilled grains, sugar, salt, beans can all be pretty safely stored in 5 gallon buckets with the right mylar bags, oxygen absorbers – sealed properly – ALL DAY LONG… Stock up on honey & long lasting condiments. Fruits, veggies, dairy & meat are another story entirely. No prepper-minded individual wants to have a nice stockpile of canned goods that end up going to mush, or worse, going bad completely and result in a nasty case of botulism in a long term survival situation.

Enter Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) non-GMO, freeze dried foods. We joined Thrive Life (more of a food buyer’s club if ordering monthly, but bulk purchases can also be made) in order to slowly build up our long term food preps for our own family. As consultants, we can offer the same peace of mind to others in knowing that you have enough long term food storage for your own needs.



The freeze drying process makes it possible for food to be harvested at it’s peak ripeness, immediately dehydrated of all water, and flash frozen. This makes Thrive foods not only extremely long lasting, but also more flavorful and nutrient rich than anything you can buy at the supermarket – fresh, canned, or frozen! (Just think about how long a bunch of bananas takes to make it, picked green, imported into the US, then shipped to your local store & then sitting on your counter!)

Not only that, but just HOW much money do you end up wasting every month in fresh foods that have gone bad sitting in your fridge because you ran out of time to make all those meals you had planned on cooking? We’re all guilty of it, myself definitely included! Thrive not only provides long term food storage, but also ready-to-prepare food that has a minimum one year shelf AFTER being opened. All you do is add water to rehydrate for a few minutes and BOOM – one cup of freeze dried food equals one cup of fresh food. Add berries & fruit to smoothies or cereal, or snack on them without adding water!



If you’re interested in learning more about Thrive Life by meeting your food prep goals or simply saving time & money by always having non-perishable foods available in your pantry, contact us for more information or check out our Thrive with Two Hawks Homestead FB page at:

If you’re ready to start prepping the smart way head on over to our website & start looking at the many options to start building your own Thrive Life home store!