Advertise for FREE on my sites

At the moment I’m only doing this on my survival site, I will be soon opening my own ad business.

But for now I’d be happy to review and post banner ads on my site promoting your project.

Here’s the site it would be on

Like I said, at the moment it’s only on that site, so the stuff would have to be survival/outdoor related (If you can convince me it could be used in a survival scenario, it’s a sure post, even if it’s not your traditional “survival tool”). But I will let everyone know when the other sections are up and running.

Here’s the pitch:

I don t charge a fee to advertise, just a product sample.

What you ll get out of this:

1.) Totally FREE advertising.

2.) A product(s) review on my blog (includes photos or videos of the product(s) as well as my opinion on the item (usually positive; never reviewed anything I didn’t like) as well as links to your site or Kick Starter page – top post that week, as well as a banner/logo ad spot on the top of my sponsors advertising area (see left side of blog) that will stay there for at least a week (I don’t remove them, just move them down as I advertise more products) and

3.) a dedicated consumer with a good amount of social media advertising thrown in there for good measure (I post all product reviews from my blog in each of my 300 Facebook groups as well as on my Twitter account.)

I get an average of 1,200 + unique hits to my blog per month, so you’ll definitely get traffic. Scroll through and look through the reviews I’ve done (they will get better, it helps if you tell me a bit about what you’re sending)

If you’re interested, contact me.

Best of luck to everyone… you guys (and girls) are the future!


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