Advertise Here!

Ad Rates for Random Position “Left Hand Bar” Banner Ads :

Advertising pre-payment limits: Minimum of two months, and a maximum of 24 months.Rates are subject to change at the end of each contract.

One key restriction: No blinking text or animations, to avoid any annoying distractions for  readers.

All of the ventures that you advertise must be owned by you.  (No “sub-letting” of ad space is allowed.)

After sending payment, within 10 working days, advertisers must provide “paste ready” electronic graphics images in JPEG or GIF format via e-mail here.

* 250 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall, random order location $10 per month

* 250 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall, Premium top-of-banners list location $15 per month (Note: There is only ONE premium position.

* 200 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall, random order location $20 per month

Other sizes of ad banners inserted into text (random posts) $50 per month (minimum of 2 months)

When sending payments, be sure to specify the size of banner graphic that you intend to e-mail me, and the advertising contract duration.

All advertising payments are due and payable within 10 days after the ad starts running. Renewals are due on or before contract expiration.

How to Pay for Your Ad

Formal invoices are available via e-mail (in RTF format) or via snail mail.

Pre-payment for a banner ad placement is quick and easy with Payza or PayPal.  
Our Payza address is:
But if you prefer PayPal, our address is:

You can also send pre-payment in U.S. Dollar-denominated instruments via:

  • U.S. Postal Service Money Order
  • Bank Money Order
  • Commercial (“Drug Store”) Money Order
  • Company Check
  • Personal Check

Make checks or USPS money orders payable to Jennifer Stewart.

Mail your payment to:

Jennifer Stewart
115 Bryan Street
Dayton, TX 77535

For clarification on any of the foregoing, e-mail us.

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