Feeling Uneasy Recently

Posted: September 11, 2015 in Ideas

Watching the news these days is incredibly disheartening. It makes me even more determined to make sure my stocks are full of everything I’d need in the event of mass chaos. I have a few of my favorites listed; let me know what you think about them.

Finger Print Safe…. I love it. Though, if you die… how does your family open it?

LifeStraw – Family size. This wonderful invention can filter up to two liters at a time!

Two Person Bug-Out Tent… I love this; it sets up in 1 minute!
61diVnphnsL._SX522_2 person bugout tent

Six Person Bug-Out Tent… this one is good if your party is a bit bigger.
714WVU+uTDL._SX522_6 person bugout

Double Sleeping-bag… if you’re alone you can double wrap in it; if you have a family, two adults will be comfortable in one bag, and two to four kids in the other (depending on child sizes of course)

Aqua Defender Tarp – Camo… a little extra protection for your camp.
81LX9Dq8nlL._SX522_CamoAquaDefender tarp

Foraging for Beginners… Definitely gonna need this one.

Trusty Compound Bow… these can get expensive, but in the end having one (expensive or not) is better than having none. Protection and Food source… also reuse-able ammo. Can’t beat it.

What items are you packing for survival?

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