A little Q & A from some survivalists for when the SHTF.

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Ideas

Q: What’s a good app for identifying plants in the wild?

A: Might wanna look… elsewhere.

Q: I’m in the wilderness with no tools… How do I build a lean-to?

A: Like this.

Q: I’m in the wilderness and I gotta GO…. what’s the safest form of TP?

A: Well, there are several options.

Q: I’m close to some pines that are oozing sap, is there a use for this goo?

A: Collect that stuff NOW! It has SO MANY USES!

Q: CreteGirl, what’s one of your favorite survival blogs?

A: StoragePrepper… it’s super informative.

Q: How can I create a semi-permanent shelter with the few tools I have?

A: This is a wonderful thatched hut tutorial. It reminds me of the wigwams I learned about in second grade.

Q: With my family, camping up north can be bitter and harsh, I hate to think of the misery that would come from having to live this way long term. Using heating “indoors” in our tent or cooking can cause CO2. Other than the obvious, how can we prevent this?

A: Good question. Here are a couple of good resources for casual campers and survivalists alike, but the quick answer? Grab a plug in AND battery powered CO2 monitor and alarm. Use with generator or on batteries alone! $30.00 bucks on Amazon!

Q: I’ve been collecting altoid/mint tins for the better part of a year. I intend to build most of my B.O.B. with them. Any suggestions on what I can put in them?

A: This thread has some good suggestions.

Thanks for reading our first Q & A session! If you like it let me know and we’ll have more! Have a great week everyone!

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