Review – Meal Kit Supply MRE’s

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Ideas
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It’s taken me a little while to get back to these. I’ve had some ongoing medical issues and I wanted to save this until I really felt better.

So let’s jump right in!Meal-kit-supply-US-12-case-MREs-w-MRE-bag

At first I was a little worried, the meals seemed kinda small compared to the ones I had Meal_Kit_Supply_MRE_Explosiontried before and I was not sure if they would be filling. I am proud to announce I was SO wrong! These little babies pack a mean punch! I always feel completely satisfied (if not a  bit over satisfied) after eating one of these!

I’ve tried out the spaghetti, ratatouille, and the ravioli… all AMAZING. But I’m gonna be completely honest…those were not my favorite part of the meal. These things come with a cookie that is to DIE for!  I have on occasion eaten the cookie as I wait for the flameless heater to warm up my meal… dessert first is always in good taste. My grandma couldn’t do cookies this good.

There are also vegetarian options for you non-meat eaters out there and the prices for these are also very competitive! The website for Meal Kit Supply is packed with tons of info on everything from their meals and how many people they will feed, but also the history on MRE development in the military (for nerds like me)

I would highly rate this pack a 9 of 10 (I have a teeny bit trouble using the heaters, but that could be user error)

Head on over and stock up on some!


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