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Posted: May 7, 2015 in Ideas

I’ve always been interested in survival and have loved planning and prepping way before I knew other people liked the same kind of thing. Over the years I’ve studied herbs and their properties and been interested in how medicines and treatments are made.

Today I’ve finally accomplished something I’ve been wanting to do for years! I’ve published my first survival book!

{Quick synopsis} Herbal guide, easy to read instructions on brewing up your own syrups, tonics and salves, list of common ailments and what herbs may best treat the complains.

Enter the coupon code “blogpurchase” for $1.00 off (Limited to this week only!)
You can also find the book for sale here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/541159
  1. Ron Davis says:

    Can you give us an idea of what credentials you have that makes you an expert in this field? This is one of my personal favorite subjects. I know a lot, but I am by no means an expert that would feel comfortable writing a book that someones life might depend on.


    • cretegirl says:

      Well, the preface of the book clearly states that i’m not a licensed medical professional. It’s merely 20 years worth of study on the subject, both trial and experience that make the book what it is.
      There’s nothing in the book I haven’t tried out and works for me, however the book clearly states that it’s for educational and reference only.


  2. cretegirl says:

    Kind of like asking any prepper blogger what their credentials are to advise others on apocalyptic scenarios… how many of us have been there? Few to none. At least i’ve been studying the subject of my book for 2 decades….

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