Being Prepared (Ghetto Style)

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Ideas, News
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Ok, the title is not meant to be offensive in any way… some ghettos are very nice. But if you are like me, having extra funds to put into prepping just IS NOT in the budget! Here are a few ideas I’ve found from around the web that will literally cost you NOTHING!

1.) Making your long term food storage last longer!
 2 (and 3 where you can get them) liter soda bottles. Okay, this is genius! Storing rice, beans and even various types of flour or sugars in the bottles gives you an air tight seal and gives you a very easy way to label them!cleaned-soda-bottle






2.) Fishing on a TIGHT budget

There are two types of fish hooks that are easy to make and use, the first one, a gorge hook,Gorge_Hook1 can be made from virtually any material (metal, stone, even wood) and is a fast simple and highly useful tool that needs no pole… just a bit of string or fishing wire. Apparently it’s designed to lodge in the fish’s belly once bait is swallowed.

A recycled soda can tab can also be fashioned into a more modern looking life-saving-life-hacks871147862-jan-30-2014-1-600x450hook, using some clippers or even by sharpening it on a rough stone or other similar surface. Again, no pole required, but I’d suggest having bait unless you’re willing to wait all day for your dinner to just mosey on by…


3) Lighting the way
I’ve seen some pretty cool items that are for sale out there in the way of lighting for emergencies, but if I know myself, that’s probably the area I’ll be caught unprepared! Luckily, if I have one or more of the following items with me, and a lighter, I should be alright for a little while!

Lard lights – yeah this is news to me, but once you think about it, duh! Of course! If you have string, olive oil, butter or lard/crisco/vegetable oil you have light! Apparently even an old can of saved bacon grease or beef drippings will do the trick! (If you are not from the south, those of us who are can explain bacon grease…it’s a beautiful flavoring!)  
                       make-macgyver-style-emergency-butter-candle-burns-for-hours.w654 sardine-lamp478x640_ac


30 minute crayon candles acd946faa3ba7d53b8cf9fe30e4a3d74Well now this would likely make your kids cry, but if they are scared of the dark it’s kind of a win-lose… sorry. No wick needed! Just set the crayon on a non-flammable surface (I’d light the end a bit to get it nice and sticky first) and light-er-up! Each crayon will burn about 30 minutes! If you have one of those deluxe packs you could go for days!


4.) Refrigerate without electricity
This is cool, literally, and while here in the south it’s not as great as a Kenmore or Whirlpool during the dog days of summer, it’s still a viable option and it’s older than electricity itself!  All you need is a shovel, a large enough container (or containers) to store some semi-perishables in (terracotta pots, steel drums, heck even an old, non-working deep freeze) and a little muscle. Just pick a nice preferably shady (if you’re in the south) spot and start digging! Bury your container(s) of choice and for best and coolest results, spread some dirt over the top of the fridge, just be sure to mark your spot if you can no longer see it! There you go, meat locker or root vegges, I’ve even seen that you can put peppers and tomatoes inside, but no guarantee on the shelf life of those soft foods down there!      
                                                                                                                        215e49ee0ba8558e3b07719c15b6b5c6 1615613591_3bf4c00380_z Plastic-Pail-Root-Cellar-537x416







5.) Firestarters
Sodiyfirestarter_sourcedme of this I learned being my son’s Assistant Cub Scout Den Leader, others are just ideas compounded on the basic concept. As we all know, dryer lint is EXTREMELY flammable. And who doesn’t have some dryer lint lying around? (Even if you use a Launrdo-Mat, you can collect tons of the stuff) another thing America has a surplus of is empty toilet and paper-towel rolls…. put the two together and voila! Instant fire starter! Slightly more portable, are the wax or petroleum gel covered cotton balls or pads. The cotton balls are an easy (and kinda fun) activity the entire family can do together! Those things that look kinda like cookies? Those are these things covered in wax!

Store in a 139470919680526373ubfgkOyAc92naa51eeede4ed3aaZiploc baggie and you’ve got an instant, lightweight way to start a fire!





6.) DIY Emergency Blanket

Not long ago my (then) 9 year old daughter experienced a revelation; “Mom! I figured out how blankets work! I warm it up for it to keep me warm!” she cried! Yup… I guess it made her wonder why blankets were never already warm when she picked them up, but grew warmer the longer she used it… any how, even extremely warm days can lead to chilly nights and hypothermia is no joke! This is so easy and simple it floored me! All you need are several empty (clean) potato chip bags and a roll of duct-tape! Carefully cut the bags down the back seam, opening them flat and duct-tape (both sides) edges together… instant emergency blanket! 6 regular size chip bags makes a 3×5 foot blanket. Mylar balloons would take a bit more work, but would produce the same result (and for a kid, would be totally cooler on one side!)





7.) Emergency Shelter

There are several ways you can do this and anyone who has watched Bear Grylls or Survivor man can tell you all the different things in nature you can use to make a quick and efficient lean to. However not all of us are gifted with MacGyver genes, so we use what we know. I don’t know one redneck anywhere that doesn’t have at least one tarp and a length of rope. If you have those things you have a home. Now the pictures I have posted below are obviously a one man dwelling, but in the event you have a larger party to shelter, just use some of that duct-tape and create yourself a family size dwelling using several large tarps, some sticks, a tree and some rope.(Tree optional)

2bdb56c59efea06fd1b6cb01ac77bd8d tarp-shelter-620x330





As you can see here, this concept was used to create an entire neighborhood during the reparations of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. 






That’s all i have for the moment, but there are so many other DIY cheap or free survival hacks out there! I’ll post more in the future! If you have a survival hack that I’ve missed, you’re welcome to post it in the comments! Stay Safe!

  1. CAKU says:

    Why on earth would you ever waste your time make a Mylar blanket out of greasy chip bags. You would just waste duct tape… survival blankets are .95 cents at some stores… you would spend way more than that on all the chips and tape.


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