Beginners Basics – Intro to Hoarding

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Ideas

I’ve compiled a basic list of the things I want to get and honestly for the space of my bunker and the amount of people living in it, it’s really going to cost way less to furnish this thing than I intended.

I’m posting it here for your convenience, and if I were to buy EVERYTHING on this list (some in multiples) except for the fact that I’m only including one toilet, it would cost me less than $3,000.00! ($2,846.00 to be exact)

That’s enough to sustain 4 people for several months (not including food) in a relatively small space. check it out! It’s all you’d need!

Okay so lets say I’ve built my bunker ($ 6,000.00 for a 10×20 underground storm shelter – very basic, nothing special) and I furnish it with everything in my wishlist here…

I’m still going to be safe and sound for less than $10,000.00!


Click Store above for full sized link!

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