Survival & T1D

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Ideas
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I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to my own family’s survival plan.

My son and I would be fine, my daughter, however would be more of a challenge. Libby, age 10, has Type 1 Diabetes (formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes) and will require a ton more preparation than anyone else in my house.

One of our daily prepping tasks has included the process of getting her a D.A.D. (Diabetic Alert Dog) – these service dogs do NOT come cheap and take a long time to train. We are still working on paying off hers which hopefully will get to come home to us soon.

My daughter, unlike many T1Ds, has hypoglycemic unawareness. She can’t feel the normal “shakes” and other symptoms that lets your body know that your blood sugar is dangerously low.

The D.A.D.s can smell her blood sugar dropping before her continuous glucose monitor can detect the drop, saving us precious time and allowing us to treat her drop in enough time to potentially save her life.

Other T1Ds, especially those who tend to drop in the night, could also consider procuring one of these amazing service animals.

Another thing we do is to stock up on her insulin supply. This website is the best price I’ve found so far. Her other supplies can be bought in bulk via Amazon or Wal-mart.

With my daughter’s specific issues (as a brittle diabetic), we’re also stocking up on extra water and candies to help her adjust her extreme peaks and valleys.

Her pump supplies would only last so long, so syringes are what we are stockpiling right now as they are much less expensive and can be reused in an emergency situation.

What are some of the ways other Type 1 (or Type 2) diabetics out there are prepping? Tell us in the comments. Knowledge is power.

  1. I am sorry that your daughter has this. It’s so tough on a kid (and their parent). My aunt had type 1 diabetes. I hope you get some good suggestions to your question.

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