Concrete Bunkers and Storm Shelters

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Ideas
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Here’s something that a lot of people I’ve talked to say they’d love to have, but there are a few on the market that would lead you to believe that you’d need Bill Gates’ bank account to have one.

In this post I’m going to weigh the pros and cons and also go over some of the basic costs of having your very own storm shelter, or bunker built.


* Having an underground or partially underground storm shelter or bunker actually adds to the value of your home/property. The versatility of storm shelters and bunkers built today, especially in states like Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas can add to the property value when selling your home.

* You don’t have to have the cash upfront! many loan companies will finance loans for storm shelters and bunkers. Adding something like this to your property is considered home improvement! Here are a few companies to check out!

* Securing a loan for home improvement will actually allow you to build a high tech concrete storm shelter! The saying “You get what you pay for” is no different when discussing storm shelters and bunkers. You can basically pour your own concrete form shelter in your back yard for under $4000.00, but if you want to ensure your shelter is up to standard, you’ll need to call in a professional. Pros charge a bit more, but lets look at the options you can add when having a pro do the work.

(All prices are approximate and completely optional features)

-Blast doors $4,300.00

-Integrated NBC ventilation systems $6,500.00

-Electrical wiring $ varies on how much you want done and how much you can do yourself.

-Plumbing $ varies on extent of plumbing and drainage / sewage options you prefer.

-Solar Generator back up system (in case of complete power outages) $2,500.00 +

-Additional connected storage (for anything from food and necessities to seed storage and aquaponics system via tunnels and corridors.)

-Artificial day/night simulation $ please see electrical wiring and back up generators

-Literally a home away from home!

Of course how plain or how fancy you intend to build all depends on your purpose and how much you want to spend. Most people find that something along these lines are perfect for basic SHTF survival; you can build it in any size and can take your time modelling it just the way you want! The images provided by the following company offers complete turn key building and operation start to finish.

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* You do have to own your land to begin construction. Unfortunately, if you rent, even if your proprietor agrees to the construction, the only person benefiting in the long run is your landlord.

* The land you build on can’t be in a floodplain (if you want an underground structure) – many people in the state I live in (Texas) are under the impression you generally can’t have basements or other underground structures. Not true, you just have to get the proper permits and be able to prove your structure wont flood in the event that Texas weather is normal for Texas weather.

* Interior decorating is all you. most people, this won’t bother. However, if your looking to get a full underground home, complete with furnishings and food stockpile… well, you won’t get it. Furnishing your storm shelter (whether that’s supplying shelving and cots or installing entertainment systems and compound to compound intercoms) the ball is in your court.

* You won’t benefit from a shelter if you don’t get the ball rolling NOW. Seriously, in tornado alley and Texas, it’s entirely too easy to be caught unawares when talking about the fury of mother nature. She’s slightly more on edge here than in the rest of the states. If you’re looking to build for other reasons (see: economic and governmental collapse, WWIII or the Apocalypse) you might have a slightly better chance on waiting… but if you watch the news, don’t delay too long!


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