Review – Ark 3 by Survivor Industries, Inc

Posted: March 30, 2015 in Ideas

Survivor Industries, Inc has a wonderful little packet called the Ark 3. It contains 1 3 day food packet, enough water to sustain 1 person for three days and an emergency blanket.


I have to tell you, I am addicted to the food bar. I wasn’t sure exactly what to think about it at first… I opened the packet and found this huge, heavy yellow clump of… something.

It’s sweet! It’s kind of like homemade cornbread, but made with flour meal. If you can imagine a solid clump of yellow cake mix that’s about as accurate as it gets.

It’s chock full of vitamins and minerals and most importantly, carbs/calories. That will keep your energy high and you alter in a dire emergency situation.

Now my 13 year old son tried it as well, he wasn’t keen on the taste but said in a survival situation it was a good bet he’d eat the whole thing.


The waters are well…water. Cleanly packaged and pure, no way to have bacteria or anything get into the unopened packs. They remind me of Capri Sun pouches with no straw holes.


The blanket is your standard emergency blanket, looks like foil or the stuff that Mylar balloons are made from and as all such blankets will hold in 90% of your body heat.


The Ark 3, which will support 1 person for up to 3 days, runs about $20.00.

They have many other pre-packaged units, however, that include waterproof matches, glow-sticks, first aid kit, rope, flashlights and various other supplies. They have units that support one person, or an entire office or family so it’s a great buy no matter the environment! Everything is very reasonably priced.

Check it out!

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