Review – Ameriqual A-Pack Ready Meal

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Ideas


Heating my first Ameriqual MRE – the instructions were very easy, an 8 year old could heat a meal quite easily.

The packet is cooking and making a squealing/whistling sound. It must cook for 12 minutes.
Smells a little odd but not in a bad way… Similar to charcoal on a grill that’s not been lighted.
There is steam now coming from tiny vents in the heating packet. It sounds as if it’s boiling in the bag and has about 4 minutes left.

The cardboard carton is cool to the touch and that’s a very nice feature. Again, something your average 8 year old can manage on his or her own.

Packet included main entree (Chicken noodle with vegetables) a large packet of raisins, a fig bar, crackers and a bag of skittles. Also included were two mints and a plastic utensil packet containing a spork, salt substitute (kind of like Mrs. Dash), pepper and a wet nap.

It’s perfectly heated. Not too hot, not cold in the middle, it’s perfect.
The taste is really wonderful.
It’s very much like something you would eat at a restaurant.
Each complete Ready Meal packet is very filling, and definitely something you could split between two younger children.

Sodium content is actually quite low and has been further reduced so someone watching their sodium intake due to high blood pressure or what have you, would be able to eat and enjoy this meal.

The fig bars are a tiny bit dry, but still have a good flavor. There are two to a packet, so again a great snack for two children. Sweet but with fruit content… Easy enough to satisfy a craving.

Raisins were excellent. Plump and juicy.
The Skittles were name brand Skittles. Something familiar and purely a luxury, but a very good idea.

All in all I’d rate this meal (Home-style Chicken with Noodles and Vegetables in Sauce) a 9.5 out of 10 (I’m picky about my fig newtons, lol.) – nutritious, hearty and filling.

Also note that the ingredients for each element of the meal are listed on the nutrition information. Perfect so that someone with food allergies knows exactly what they can eat out of the packet and what to avoid.

Overall I’m extremely impressed. It did not taste at all like pre-packaged food. I’d highly recommend stocking your shelter or safe room with cases of Ameriquals A-Pack Ready Meals.

Two more samples to go and I will keep you updated on how those taste, but I’m sure if they are as good as the one I ate today, I’ll be praising them here in the next few days!

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