Prepping and Survial

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Ideas

You know I’ve always had an interest in self sufficiency. At a young age I learned to knit, sew, build wattle & daub huts and teepees, cook over an open fire, basic healing herbs and how to make tinctures and syrups, whittling, and all sorts of other useful things.

I enrolled my son in cub scouts and together we learned new survival skills and I taught him and the other cub what I knew (I was one of his troop leaders) we’ve visited Civil War days at the Liedo Plantation in Hempstead Texas, been on many a camp out, some even in our back yard. I’ve successfully passed on my obsession with survival instincts and skills.

And now, rather than simply being known as that weird home-school family down the street, we’ll be known as preppers. Survivalists. And you know, I’m totally okay with that.

One more than one occasion family members have commented that if the SHTF, that all they’d need to do would be to follow me. That makes me feel good.

I plan to start reviewing survival tools, items, foods and much more here in the very near future. So if you like stuff like that, stick around 🙂

If you have any advice, info (I’m cool with political stuff in the comments, just don’t take over my entire blog purpose, okay?) or just want to comment, please feel free.

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